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 The graphics card lets you use "Xinerama" (DualHead) mode so you can have an extra wide desktop that stretches over two monitors. 
 See our [i915-xorg.conf] page. (This might possibly require the updated i810/i915 support from above, I didn't test this with the vesa driver). 
 !! BlueTooth 
-The laptop has built-in BlueTooth. It appears to be attached to the [USB] internal bus, so make sure your kernel has CONFIG_BT_HCIUSB support. The kernel that came with Ubuntu 5 .04 had this.  
-Unfortunately I couldn't get this to work  
- (with a custom 2.6.11 kernel ) - every time I got gnome-bluetooth-manager to scan for other devices, I got a  
+The laptop has built-in BlueTooth. It works with the default kernel in Ubuntu 6 .06 (Dapper ), although I had to first issue  
-kernel: hci_cmd_task: hci0 command tx timeout  
+sudo hciconfig hci0 up  
-message in dmesg/syslog
+from a command line. Maybe the graphical tools do this automatically, but I don't use bluetooth much so I don't know
 With the default xorg.conf(5x) that Ubuntu (5.04 Hoary) generated, the 
 touchpad generates a middle-click when you tap it, which is very annoying. 
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 You can still get a middleclick (mouse button2) by pressing buttons 1 and 3 simultaneously -- this assumes you have the Emulate3Buttons option for the default mouse ~InputDevice. 
 !! 6-in-1 Card Reader 
+The card reader works with the default kernel in Ubuntu 6.06 (Dapper).  
+I couldn't get the 6-in-1 card reader to work with Ubuntu Hoary.  
-I couldn't get the 6-in-1 card reader to work with Ubuntu's 2.6.10 LinuxKernel, or with a custom 2.6.11 kernel.  
-These kernels support some card readers -- CONFIG_MMC found in Device Drivers -> MMC/SD Card -> MMC support) but only those using a ~WinBond chip (with the wbsd.ko driver).  
-The [pci database|] lists the following devices found by <tt>lspci</tt>.  
-Texas Instruments:  
- 8033 PCIxx21 Integrated ~FlashMedia Controller%%%  
- 8034 PCI6411, PCI6421, PCI6611, PCI6621, PCI7411, PCI7421, PCI7611, PCI7621 Secure Digital (SD) Controller  
-Perhaps more recent kernel versions support the chips use in the card reader in these laptops.  
 The "Expansion Port 2" slot is only for attaching the laptop to Compaq's docking station.