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  $ VAR2=bar; export VAR2 
  $ echo $VAR2 
+!! See also  
+* [What to watch out for when writing portable shell scripts |], a useful article on NewsForge  
 !!! [Shell] tools 
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  uint64_t x; 
+! Avoid using other peoples types in your headers  
+Other peoples types change in size, sometimes at the flick of a #define. One example is off_t changes if LARGEFILE64 is defined under Linux. Use the c99 <tt><stdint.h></tt> types (uint64_t) so that they don't vary. If you absolutely must reference someone elses type, do so via a pointer (eg FILE*) and treat it as opaque.  
 !! See also 
 * [HP] has [a set of C portability notes |], although it targets HP-UX. 
 * [Intel] has [a similar set of notes |] (for porting to [ia64] and [amd64]) 
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