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-According ~WikiPedia, a ' plug computer is a small form factor server for use in the home or office'
+A plug computer is a tiny server shaped to fit right onto a wall plug. Typically they use very little power, eg. the [Sheeva Plug | WikiPedia:SheevaPlug] uses a mere 7 watts under 100% [CPU] load (though that figure excludes any external drives)
-A plug computer is not only small, it uses also very little power. The Sheeva plug, for instance, uses _only 7W_ under 100% CPU load (excluding any external drives).  
+! See also 
-More information:  
- * Wikipedia : Plug_computer  
-* Sheeva plug:  
-* Debian on Sheeva plug: 
+* WikiPedia :Plug_computer  
+* [ Debian on Sheeva Plug |]