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-What MicrosoftWindows users call their version of TheGimp. ;)  
-Seriously though, it is WellUsedRhetoric that PhotoShop is far superior to TheGimp.  
-Can some knowledgeable graphics person who is v. familiar with both packages please explain why this is so?  
-PhotoShop is superior because:  
-* Better support for colour reproduction/commercial printing (ie, supports different printer colorspaces).  
-* Layers implementation is more intuitive and flexible - partly a matter of opinion, layer masks in 5.0 make no sense to me  
-* Very good path support  
-* Adjustable color reproduction  
-* Better support for tablets like Wacom, or Aiptek (__very__ important for artists) - This is a little platform dependant  
-* PDF import/export support, this is important as lots only accept/prefer material in PDF format. PhotoShop also gets the reproduction right. (Gimp 1.2 can import PDFs, although only as a bitmap - you can't edit the text. Gimp 1.2 can't save as PDF, although it can as Postscript which can easily be turned into PDF)  
-* Integrates with AdobeIllustrator (scaleable vector graphics, useful!)  
-* Better filter (and 3rd party filter) support  
-* Way better text support (although, TheGimp is slowly getting better at this)  
-* Processing speed  
-* Much better optimized [GIF] output support, much smaller file sizes and color reproduction at small palette sizes.  
-* "Save for web" feature, I use this at least ten times a day and can't live without it  
-* Slices  
-* The best Unsharp Mask ever known to man, used lots in Photo retouching/preparation  
-* Really easy and powerfull Macro Recorder  
-(Remove the above as TheGimp gets better)  
-TheGimp is superior because:  
-* ScriptFu (write your own filters). perl gimp module means you can completely script arbitrary sequences of actions in gimp from perl. py-fu allows scripting via [Python], and so on. It talks to an existing gimp process via sockets, so it's fast.  
-* It's OpenSource (and free $$)  
-* Huge range of export/import filters, however misses some more commercial formats that PhotoShop doesn't.  
-* Supports 24-bit w/ Alpha channel [PNG]s properly, PhotoShop had some issues with these prior to version 7.  
-* Supports [MNG]s, basically an animated [GIF] but using the [PNG] format for it's frames. You can do some cool stuff with the Alpha channel in [MNG]s  
-* It has a far more elegant UI, Photo$hop's antiquated MDI dseign is simply a waste of space, it's much better on the mac, but it sucks severely on win32.  
-* Good Path support(well, it works for me) including export to SVG  
-* Font Rendering with FreeType looks much better to me.  
-* if something in TheGIMP is causing you trouble then fix it, if you aren't capable of doing so, file a [bug report|]  
+See AdobePhotoshop