An Acronym for

Permenant Virtual Circuit

A connection-oriented circuit that may be set up by software between any two nodes of a switched network.

PolyVinyl Chloride
A plastic composed of 43% of oil products and 57% of salt as raw material. Its raw materials are less exhaustible and energy intensive than those of any other plastic or many 'classic' materials, which makes it excellent for sustainable development. PVC has an extremely wide range af applications, from toys via (waste) water lines to bloodbags. PVC is a long organic chain molecule built by combining shorter chain molecules. Each chain has an alcohol group at one end (COOH) and an ammonia (NH2) group at the other. By dropping an H on the NH2 side of one molecule and the OH on the COOH side, you get an even longer chain molecule and a water molecule (H20). This type of link is called a peptide bond.

H - N - (rest) - C = O H - N - (rest) - C = O

| | + | | = H OH H OH

H - N - (rest) - C - N - (rest) - C = O O - H

| ∥ | | + | H O H OH H