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 [PINE |] is an [Acronym] for __P__rogram for InterNet __N__ews & __E__mail. 
+The name [Pine|PINE] was the obvious choice, being a tree like [Elm], being prominent in the Pacific North West and with many possible acronyms. The first acronym choice was __P__ine __I__s __N__early __E__lm as that was the case. It has ''never'' stood for __P__ine __I__s __N__ot __E__lm as we were happy to have Elm as a starting point. For more naming history, visit [What "Pine" really stands for|].  
 It's a console based mail client written at The University of Washington but licensed under non-[Free] terms, so that many [LinuxDistribution]s (such as [Debian]) do not contain it. Features include 
 * Support for Roles - This allows you to easily assume different Roles (ie. From Addresses / Signatures) when composing mail.