OwnerTrust is an OpenPGPConcept that describes your level of trust in the owner of a specific PGP/GPG key to correctly and reliably perform KeyVerification? tasks before SigningAKey.

The OpenPGP Standard defines 5 possible owner trust levels

 Trust Level   Description   Designator 
 Not Calculated   No OwnerTrust value yet assigned or calculated.   - 
 None   Never trust this keyholder to correctly verify others signatures.   n 
 Marginal   Have marginal trust in the keyholders capability to sign other keys   m 
 Full   Assume that the key holder really knows how to sign keys.   f 
 Ultimate   Only used for keys that you own yourself   u 

As a general rule, you will trust most key owners Marginally, while you few of your good, long term trusted friends will by Fully trusted. You should never assign Ultimate trust to a keyholder other than yourself.

gpg does not automatically prompt you to assign trust to keys in your keyring. To update your trust values use the --update-trust-db option from the command line, or the trust command within the --edit-key prompt.

When listing keys, the OwnerTrust value is shown as the letter before the / in the trust output.

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