WLUG want to write an open letter to be submitted to candidates and parties in both national and local government elections. Responses to this letter should assist our members and other supporters of the open source community in deciding which candidates or parties to support.

Things to ask:

  • Query their understanding of open source and standards
  • Find out if they have any specific policies which would relate to or effect the open source community

  • Views on the use of open standards

    • In particular wrt communications to the public
    • Websites
    • Document storage
  • Any plans to investigate the use of opensource software in the government computing resources

    • Saving costs
    • Investing money in the NZ IT industry instead of buying off-shore software
    • How they plan on insuring that all options are investigated well and openly before any major upgrades or changes occur
  • Views on the MS for schools agreements

    • Effect on the longterm tie-in to an un-controlable solution
    • Shipping $ off-shore
    • View on "removing" choice from schools by funding MS at a nation wide level.
  • Regulation of telcos/encouraging broadband uptake

    • Government sponsored internet exchanges/peering/policy relating to

This is all pretty rough and needs lots of more points to be added before forming this into something which resembles a professional request.