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 An [Acronym] with multiple meanings: 
 * OpenSource __S__oftware 
 * OpenSource __S__ociety, à la [NZOSS|] 
-* __O__pen __S__ound __S__ystem: the older [Linux] sound architecture, being phased out in favour of [ALSA].  
-[OSS] is also a commercial system for audio drivers for Unix, written by 4Front Technologies ( There is a [GPL] implementation of the OSS libraries as well as drivers for many sound cards. (This is called OSS/Free and was originally contributed to by 4Front. Their website says "There is no affiliation between OSS/Free and OSS/Linux anymore except that they are both OSS compatible."). These [GPL]'d drivers are in the LinuxKernel (2.0 and later).  
-In recent [news |] 4Front have announced that their version of OSS will be released under the [GPL] for [Linux] and [BSD] and the [CDDL] for [Solaris]  
+* OpenSoundSystem