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-A program used to access [NNTP] servers and read and reply to UseNet posts
+A UseNet client application that implements the [NNTP] [Protocol] and accompanying message format, much like a MailClient implements [SMTP] and accompanying message format and a WebBrowser implements [HTTP] and [HTML], JavaScript, etc
-Examples include slrn (1 ) and tin(1)
+Integrated NewsReader~s are included with the Netscape/[Mozilla] browsers and OutlookExpress (not MicrosoftOutlook ); though using the latter might make you unpopular due to a large array of "perks" and annoyances that ignore established [Netiquette]
+A list of popular standalone NewsReader~s for [Linux] includes:  
+With [GUI]:  
+* MozillaMail  
+* MozillaThunderbird  
+* [Pan]  
+* [Knode|] ([KDE])  
+For the console:  
+* [Slrn]  
+* [tin |]