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 | __If you have a...__ | __You need to use__ 
 | Realtek 8029 | ne2k-pci module 
 | Netgear FA-310/311 | natsemi module 
 | 3Com !OfficeConnect 10/100 %%% (3CSOHO100B-TX) | This card is a tulip (an ADMtek Centaur), but the tulip driver in the kernel isn't new enough. See [here|] for details. 
-| Intel !EtherExpress | eepro100 module, or if you prefer, Intel have an e100 module that's OSS but not as good
+| Intel !EtherExpress | eepro100 module for tried and tested , or if you prefer, Intel have an e100/ e100 module that's OSS and supports some newer features (hardware checksumming on newer cards). eepro100 is deprecated in favour of it now . [1]  
 | Intel E100B (perhaps onboard LAN on a P4 board) | The eepro100 driver will support it, but not in 2.4.18. Upgrade your kernel. 
+| onboard NForce2 | "nvnet" binary proprietary module, or reversed-engineered "forced eth" driver. See [NForce2Notes]  
+[1] From the [Debian] non-free Packages file:  
+* There are a number of enhancements in this driver compared to the stock kernel eepro100 driver, which makes it suitable for high-traffic systems. (Things like improved ucode for less interrupts, hardware checksumming of tcp packets).  
+* There are a number of patent issues with the source code. Until that is sorted out, don't use the source in your projects except for your intel card.  
+Does anybody know if this has been resolved - is e100 really [Free]?