| If you have a... | You need to use | Realtek 8029 | ne2k-pci module | Netgear FA-310/311 | natsemi module | 3Com !OfficeConnect? 10/100
(3CSOHO100B-TX) | This card is a tulip (an ADMtek Centaur), but the tulip driver in the kernel isn't new enough. See here for details. | Intel !EtherExpress? | eepro100 module for tried and tested, or if you prefer, Intel have an e100/e100 module that's OSS and supports some newer features (hardware checksumming on newer cards). eepro100 is deprecated in favour of it now. 1? | Intel E100B (perhaps onboard LAN on a P4 board) | The eepro100 driver will support it, but not in 2.4.18. Upgrade your kernel. | onboard NForce2 | "nvnet" binary proprietary module, or reversed-engineered "forced eth" driver. See NForce2Notes


1? From the Debian non-free Packages file:

  • There are a number of enhancements in this driver compared to the stock kernel eepro100 driver, which makes it suitable for high-traffic systems. (Things like improved ucode for less interrupts, hardware checksumming of tcp packets).
  • There are a number of patent issues with the source code. Until that is sorted out, don't use the source in your projects except for your intel card.

Does anybody know if this has been resolved - is e100 really Free?