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 * Click on the <b>mounts</b> directory. 
 * __Create__ a new directory. 
 * Make the following properties (shift-cmd-N): 
+<?plugin OldStyleTable  
 |< __property__ |< __value(s)__ 
 |< name |< ''hostname:directory'' 
 |< vfstype |< nfs 
 |< dir |< /Network/''hostname'' 
 |< opts |< -P -s -b 
 Save this, go into a terminal and type ''sudo mount -a'', and your share should appear in the directory you specified. 
 You might want to type ''man mount_nfs'' to learn more about the opts field. 
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 * Go into the NetInfo Manager, as above. Click on the exports dir. 
 * Create a new directory. 
 * Make the following properties (shift-cmd-N) to export with full permissions to your LAN for example. 
+<?plugin OldStyleTable  
 |< __name__ |< __value(s)__ 
 |< name |< ''directory to export'' 
 |< clients |< ''client ips'' (leave blank if you want to limit to your entire LAN) 
 |< opts |< maproot=root networ= mask = 
 * Save, and reboot. Or kill and restart nfsd: <i>sudo kill -1 `cat /var/run/`</i> 
 You might want to see ''man exports'' for more information on opts. 
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