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 !! [HTTP] handler issues 
 Set the preference 
- user_pref("", "/usr/local /bin/ "); 
+ user_pref("", "/usr/bin/firefox"); 
-and point it at the MozillaFirefoxStartupScript or whatever your distribution uses natively .  
+and point it at the launcher for Firefox on your distribution. 
 In addition, so Thunderbird can redirect some additional protocls ([FTP] and [HTTPS]) add the following: 
  user_pref("", "/location/to/firefox"); 
@@ -16,51 +14,19 @@
 As well as that, you can define another [FTP] program to handle the [FTP] transactions (though [Mozilla] handles them just fine, try the following: 
  user_pref("", "/location/to/ftpprogram"); 
- !! Thunderbird launch script  
-Here's the launcher script I use to start Thunderbird (installed from .tar.gz) in my Linux Mandrake 10.. This script uses existing Thunderbird process if possible or launches a new one if needed. This script prints "./mozilla-xremote-client: Error: Failed to find a running server." in the terminal if no old process is running. I don't like the 'ping()' trick used in the MozillaFirefoxStartupScript because it slows down the process. Instead I just try to use the remote and if it fails, I fall back to normal behavior.  
-# Make this script really quiet:  
-#exec &>/dev/null  
-# use UTF-8 environment  
-# change "fi_FI" to language code you prefer.  
-# for possible options "locale -a | grep UTF-8"  
-export LC_TIME=fi_FI.UTF-8  
-export LC_MONETARY=fi_FI.UTF-8  
-export LC_CTYPE=fi_FI.UTF-8  
-# executable name  
-# application name to use with remote, note the capital T in the start!  
-# installation directory (just "tar zvfx package.tar.gz")  
-# x-remote binary name  
-# use lesser priority for Thunderbird, it likes to eat CPU  
-exec="exec nice "  
+!! Thunderbird extensions  
+Some extensions recommended by various users. Right click and save as to install these, because if you use MozillaFirefox it assumes it is an extension for itself.  
-# Change to Thunderbird install dir :  
-cd "$mozdir"  
+DrewBroadley recommends :%%%  
-if [ "$1" ! = "" ]; then  
- # FIXME remove "mailto :" from $1 if it's there  
- ./$remote -a $appname "mailto($@)" || $exec ./$mozexe "mailto :$@" &  
- ./$remote -a $appname "xfeDoCommand (openInbox )" | | $exec ./$mozexe &  
+ [Enigmail | =71 ]:  
+ OpenPGP message encryption and authentication . Requires [platform -specific Enigmime extension |]  
+ [Forumzilla | http://update /extensions/moreinfo.php?id=133] :  
+ Forumzilla is an extension to Thunderbird and Mozilla Mail for reading news and blog feeds (all flavors of RSS plus Atom ). It lets you read feeds using the familiar three-pane mail interface.  
+ [No New Window on Double Click | http://update /extensions/moreinfo.php?id=150]:  
+ Prevents Thunderbird from opening a new window when you double click a folder.  
-# make sure that Mozilla doesn't die if current terminal is killed, bash2 feature  
-disown -a  
-# disown -h