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 Here's a link to my /etc/[sensors.conf] file. 
 !Abit KT7 motherboard 
 On an Abit KT7 motherboard, the chip is a "via686b" - you need to use the "via686a" driver. See the [sensors.conf] file for my setup for this. 
+!Dell Servers  
+If you have a Dell server which you're wanting to use lm-sensors with, you're a bit out of luck. Dell motherboards do indeed have LM87 chips, but they are behind some fancy thingy, meaning only Dell software can access them (Dell ~OpenManage Server Administrator).  
+quote from a Dell employee;  
+'There are LM78's, but they are behind our own "inteligent" interface(uP). So the bad news is that lmsensors can't talk to PE servers sensors. The good news is that our systems management group has ported the software to allow access to all of this great info via SNMP. It even supports our older PE servers that only have TVM sensors (LM78's). It's actually a nice package, you can even re-Flash your BIOS from linux.'  
+The software to monitor via SNMP can be found at If installing on Debian (woody?), you'll need to install v4.7.1 first ( and then v4.90 (or the program part of 4.90 at least, the 4.90 drivers didn't work for me so I stuck with 4.71)  
+Another helpful site is