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+Microsoft Windows is the world's most widely used operating system on both servers and desktops.  
-Microsoft Windows is an operating system. MicrosoftCorporation make it. You've used it. You probably disliked something about it.  
-Quoth orj: "it 's something we all love to hate"  
+Microsoft 's first version of Windows was released as a text mode [GUI] window system in 1985, running on top of [MS-DOS]. It took several years and many versions to catch up with features available on platforms such as the [Macintosh], [OS/2] and [X11], and while there were [other systems|] that were technically better than Windows for several years, the great Microsoft marketing machine diminished the relevance of other platforms by fair means or foul, until the mid-90s where Windows was the only operating system that was available to most people.  
-'' ...except for GreigMcGill, who does NOT love to hate it, he just wishes it would go away, thus making everybody 's life more pleasant, and the field of technical support a lot less like pin the tail on the donkey ...''  
+See [ComputerHope 's Windows history|http://www .computerhope .com/history/windows .htm] or [Microsoft 's presentation on Windows history|http://www .microsoft .com/windows/WinHistoryIntro.mspx]
-WlugIncorporated is about advocating Linux, and providing honest comparisons, not FearUncertaintyDoubt comparisons. Don't say ''Windows is teh sucks'' because then you look like an idiot.  
+!!Current flavours  
-See WhyComputersSometimesCrash and HowToBootLinuxUsingWindowsLoader  
+; Windows XP : Available in Home and Professional flavours (as well as versions for Tablet PC and Media Center), Windows XP is the amalgamation of the "home" series (9x/ME) with the "business" series of NT/2000.  
+; Windows Server 2003 : The server version of Windows, with versions extending up to multi-way [SMP]. Expensive to license.  
+; Windows Mobile : Available for handheld platforms such as the PocketPC and Smartphone.  
-* From Windows to Linux  
- !Flavours of Microsoft Windows 
+!!Linux vs Windows 
-* __ Windows 1.x/2.x__: Fun(?) with 286's.  
-* __Windows 3.1__: Still openly sat on top of [DOS].  
-* __Windows 3.11 for Workgroups__: Same as Windows 3.1 with better networking bits.  
-* __Windows 95/98/98 Second Edition/Millenium Edition__: Still sat on top of [DOS], but pretended not to. 98SE still popular today with gamers as many games written for it don't run well on the newer , NT-kernel-based versions  
-* __ Windows NT: __ In 19?? Microsoft decided to abandon their participation in [IBM ]'s [OS/2] project and instead decided to create Windows NT. Microsoft 's latest Windows NT derived OS is Windows XP.  
-* __Windows 2000__: 1999. What I consider to be the best release of Windows so far. But even then it isn 't so great. It sold well. Available in a number of varieties such as; Professional as a workstation; Server; Advanced Server; and Datacenter.  
-* __Microsoft Neptune__: 2000. was to be the successor of Windows ME for the consumer 's desktop. Has been skiped in favour of Windows XP when BillGates left his CEO-Chair and became head of the development.  
-* __Windows XP__: 2001. Microsoft's current drug of choice. Comes in a number of varieties (Home , Professional, Embedded) etc. See also; [eXtraPants]  
-* __PocketPC 2002__: Previously known as Windows CE (__C__onsumer __E__dition) , and renamed because we all called it WINCE.  
-* __Windows 2003__: You can basically call this XP Server. It's easier to setup than Windows 2000 Server, and it looks and feels like Windows XP . No workstation version available at the moment (See Windows XP)  
+Windows has come to symbolise all that the open source world hate about proprietary and commercial software . However , Linux advocacy is not about "replacing Windows at all costs". People who push this opinion are effectively no different to people who use [FUD ]ded comparisons to try and argue against Linux. If all you have to say is ' 'Windows is teh sucks '', you come out looking like an idiot , and reinforce the opinion held by managers that Linux is not to be taken seriously
+* WindowsNotes  
+* WellThoughtOutReasonsToRunWindows (and WellThoughtOutReasonsToRunLinux)  
+* LinuxIsNotWindows, for more detail about  
+* Category:Interoperability  
+Things that need to be linked from somewhere else, please:  
+* WhyComputersSometimesCrash  
+* HowToBootLinuxUsingWindowsLoader  
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