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-"Mebibytes". What you are officially supposed to call a [megabyte | MB ].  
-Traditionally "kilo" means "2 to the power of 10" when you are talking about bits or bytes, "mega" means "2 to the power of 20", and things get a bit vague after that. It's not proper Metric, but Americans made up these words and they're used to the Imperial System, so this sort of nonsense doesn't worry them. The International Electrotechnical Commission aren't so happy with this state of affairs though, so they've defined [new prefixes for binary quanties |]. No one seems to be using them though.  
-''Your camel guide: the "Bactrian camel" has one hump; the "dromedary" has two; a "perl" is any camel with three or more humps, or more than five legs .''  
+An [Acronym ] for MebiByte