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Suggestions for MeetingTopics:

  • "I'd like to know how to index and search the huge mass of documentation that comes with a Linux distribution. I want my own personal Linux Box Google. It would be a very useful thing for a Linux beginner to have, but it seems beyond a Linux beginner's abilities to set up. This makes me think it's a good topic for a WLUG to be teaching." --GlynWebster

  • "Is anyone else interested in a presentation of selling/using linux in the small to medium business ??" --AndrewThrift
  • Linux Terminal Server Project
  • Securing your network through use of SSL enabled services
  • A bit of notice that we are expecting distinguished guests to any particular meeting (email to the list would be nice - even an hour or two in advance)... --- LindsayDruett I'll make sure I announce my attendance to every meeting then, just for you Lindsay ;) --DanielLawson
  • The basics of Emacs/Vim/bash(1), for those who are new to LinuxCulture but want to use more geeky^H^H^H^H^Hpotentially convenient tools. --JaredWigmore?
  • A quick update/intro about TheHurd? -- Also JaredWigmore?.

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