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-Second attempt at [AGM]  
+Minutes of the Waikato Linux User Group Inc Annual General Meeting  
-Meet up at the university: [MS4.G.02 |] 
+Held 25th February 2013 at [MS4.G.02 |] Waikato University  
-Time : 7:30pm onwards  
+Meeting Opened 8.15pm  
+Quorum Achieved - 10 of 20 Members (assumed) Present  
+Tom Butz  
+Ian Young  
+Bruce Kingsbury  
+Chris O’Halloran  
+Wayne Luxton  
+Elroy Liddington  
+Ian Stewert  
+Michael Ryan  
+Peter Reutemann  
+Rene Bartosh  
+Tony Templer  
+Michael McDonald  
+*Discussion on future of WLUG*  
+Peter suggested moving to just social meetings/workshops if speakers cannot be found for meetings  
+Suggestion to use google docs for membership management was discussed.  
+*Election of Officers*  
+Michael moved to elect all officers based on a show of hands, Bruce seconded.  
+Officers for 2013 are :  
+* President - Peter Reutemann  
+* Vice-president - Chris O’Halloran  
+* Secretary - Rene Bartosh  
+* Treasurer - Tony Templar  
+* General Committee #1 - Elroy Liddington  
+* General Committee #2 - Ian Stewert  
+* General Committee #3 - Michael Ryan  
+* Sysadmin (informal role) - Chris O’Halloran  
+*Approval of Previous Minutes*  
+Rene moved that the minutes of the previous AGM on 12th March 2012 be approved, Elroy seconded.  
+*Review of membership fee*  
+Michael moved that the subscription fee remain at $20, Bruce seconded.  
+*Treasurers Report*  
+Will be delivered at the SGM due to personal circumstances.  
+*Appointment of auditor*  
+Elroy moved that no auditor be appointed for this year, Michael seconded.  
+*Discussion on changes to WLUG Charter*  
+Decision of re-draft the charter to reduce the quorum to 50% of members or 5 members (smaller of the two) and to reduce the committee size to 4 people was made. This to be notified to members and presented at the upcoming special general meeting.  
+Michael Ryan to investigate a full update of the charter following this.  
+*Life Memberships*  
+Peter moved to drop discussion on life memberships for now, Rene seconded.  
+*General Business*  
+Peter to check out sponsorship of meeting room with Computer Science department/arrange to book rooms for the year.  
+Meeting closed at 9.15pm.