JohnBillings, BruceKingsbury and ChrisOhalloran will talk about the past, present and future of the WlugBladeServer, 'hoiho'. The server hosts this wiki, as well as some other services you possibly didn't know about.

  • Chris will talk about our membership database and talk about how you can get a shell account, and why you would even want that.
  • Bruce will demonstrate some of the remote management features (integrated Lights Out or iLO) using WLUG's identical spare server 'kororaa', which was donated to us a year or two ago by Canterbury DHB.
  • John will talk about some of the history, current status and future maintenance required on the server.

If you care about the WLUG server infrastructure, are, or would like to be one of the WlugSysadmins, or just interested in how the server is configured and what services are available, you should attend this meeting.

7:30pm MS4.G.02