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-Rae ~McCormick and Smita Biswas from Hamilton City Library will be demonstrating how the library is using Kete, a Free/Open Source web application. They will be joined by Walter ~McGinnis of Katipo Communications, Ltd, lead developer of the software. Kete is a digital archiving tool, a web-based application using the Ruby on Rails framework.  
+!! Kete: online digital knowledge for libraries and communities  
-http://ketehamilton .peoplesnetworknz .info/  
+ __Hamilton City Library__ is using __Kete__ to create an online knowledge  
+ basket of Hamilton history . Learn more from __Rae ~McCormick__ and __Smita  
+ Biswas__ of the Library and __Walter ~McGinnis__ of __Katipo Communications__
+Kete (Maori for 'basket') is an open source collaborative content and  
+knowledge management system, developed by Katipo Communications Ltd  
+and the Horowhenua Library Trust for building online community-driven  
+history and memories.  
+Hamilton City Library is using Kete to build a resource of Hamilton's  
+heritage, recording stories, photographs, videos and audio  
+Join us for a discussion covering how you can be involved, how Kete  
+was developed, and how Kete helps the community to make their own  
+stories and knowledge more accessible.  
+Kete was the 2007 winner of the 3M Award for Innovation in Libraries,  
+sponsored by 3M New Zealand in conjunction with the Library and  
+Information Association of New Zealand Aotearoa.  
+Kete was also awarded Special Mention for excellence in e-content  
+(North America and Oceania region) at the 2007 World Summit Awards.  
+ *  
+ *  
+ * http: //  
+Event poster at  
+Technical notes: Walter ~McGinnis is lead developer of Kete. Kete is a digital archiving tool, a web-based application using the Ruby on Rails framework.  
 7:30pm [MS4.G.02|]