Kete: online digital knowledge for libraries and communities

Hamilton City Library is using Kete to create an online knowledge basket of Hamilton history. Learn more from Rae McCormick and Smita Biswas of the Library and Walter McGinnis of Katipo Communications.

Kete (Maori for 'basket') is an open source collaborative content and knowledge management system, developed by Katipo Communications Ltd and the Horowhenua Library Trust for building online community-driven history and memories.

Hamilton City Library is using Kete to build a resource of Hamilton's heritage, recording stories, photographs, videos and audio recordings.

Join us for a discussion covering how you can be involved, how Kete was developed, and how Kete helps the community to make their own stories and knowledge more accessible.

Kete was the 2007 winner of the 3M Award for Innovation in Libraries, sponsored by 3M New Zealand in conjunction with the Library and Information Association of New Zealand Aotearoa.

Kete was also awarded Special Mention for excellence in e-content (North America and Oceania region) at the 2007 World Summit Awards.

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Technical notes: Walter McGinnis is lead developer of Kete. Kete is a digital archiving tool, a web-based application using the Ruby on Rails framework.

7:30pm MS4.G.02

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