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-Our guest for April was Buddika Aluwihare from [HP] who will be speaking on HP Reference Linux Architecture. 
+Our guest for April was Buddika Aluwihare from [HP] who spoke on HP's Reference Linux Architecture.  
+* [Buddika's slides|'s%20WLUG%20presentation.pdf]  
 Buddika Aluwihare: Linux Ambassador for HP NZ. 
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 !! HP OS Building Blocks 
 <?plugin OldStyleTable 
-| JBoss, [ TomCat|JakartaTomcat] , Symas OpenLDAP etc 
+| JBoss, TomCat, Symas OpenLDAP etc 
 | Linux, HP/UX, Windows 
 | HP Management/HA 
 | Servers and storage