Our guest for April was Buddika Aluwihare from HP who spoke on HP's Reference Linux Architecture.

Buddika Aluwihare: Linux Ambassador for HP NZ.

Open Source Adoption in the Marketplace

  • Accelerating across the enterprise
  • Commercial certification now available

Customer issues in deploying OSS

Customer pain points

From Forrester survey, 2005:

 Lack of support   60% 
 Immaturity of products   42% 
 Lack of applications   36% 
 We don't have skills/familiarity   36% 
 Unexpected license costs (ie. SCO)   33% 
 Fear of splintering   26% 

Customers want help...

Ongoing accountability for support Making the pieces working together Defining OSS strategy Defining criteria for software selection Obtaining technical skills

HP's approach

  • as a member of the community
  • using GPLv2 - active participation in GPLv3
  • working with distros & ISVs to deliver innovative and effective solutiosn
  • moving towards standards based architecture - totally X86 from Intel & AMD
  • OSS stack over entire hardware range

OpenSource/Linux strategy


  • comprehensive ecosystem
  • OS/commercial/hybrid
  • Commitment to advance


  • Preintegrated/customization
  • Consulting
  • Virtualization


HP's Open Source Integrated Platform

Platform overview

  • moved from a Linux platform to an "Open Source" platform
  • OS: Linux, HP/UX, Windows, NonStop OS
  • SW: HA management, commercial/OSS middleware
  • Services: Global consulting and support
  • Platforms: Integrity, Proliant, BladeSystem and StorageWorks

HP OS Building Blocks

 JBoss, TomCat, Symas OpenLDAP etc 
 Linux, HP/UX, Windows 
 HP Management/HA 
 Servers and storage 
  • Single source for sales/support (including OS subscription/support)


Web App Server, J2EE App Server, Directory Services, Database server etc

  • Using building blocks to construct a tested/supported OSS stack
  • Free DIY guides for customers:

    • specific workloads
    • deployment/config guidelines


  • LAMP and commercial/OSS/hybrid stacks
  • Customized offerings
  • Globally delivered, deployed and supported

Examples of software HP can support


  • Enterprise middleware suite
  • HP has a JBoss dev centre in Christchurch!
  • Unprecedented growth: 13%, 26%, 34% in 3 years
  • Large community, 250,000 developers


  • Service subscriptions/support

HP Skills and Resources

Internally to HP, Linux provides...

  • Provisioning and lifecycle for 15,000+ Linux devices
  • LaserJet design lab: 1000 developers
  • 3TB/yr of incoming email
  • Core DNS infrastructure (BIND)
  • Enterprise directory (I2 Systems)
  • Corporate wireless network (Airwave)
  • Network time synchronization
  • Secure worldwide IM (Jabber)