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 !!The Official Annual [WLUG] End of Year Barbeque! 
-In accordance with the prophecy, our end of 2004 [ BBQ] is at DaHoose, 3 Liston Crescent, Hillcrest (off Helena Road, by the Gate 1 entrance to Uni/Clyde St roundabout). If it's wet, the backup day is Friday the 10th.  
-WLUG will provide salad, soft drinks, BBQ, backyard cricket and entertainment. You will need to bring yourself, meat and alcohol should you desire any of these things.  
-Start time of 3.30 - 4pm with the BBQ starting about 6.30 on Saturday 4th. Start time of 6pm with BBQ about 7 if we need to postpone until Friday 10th.  
-Check out photos from last years barbeque from [John|http ://], [Kyle|] or [Phil|].  
+The BBQ was postponed (and then cancelled) due to wet weather :(