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+!Overview of Meeting  
 Wireless Networking and Linux, Monday 23rd June. 
-This will be a presentation by [CRCnet|] , part of the [WAND Research Group|] in the Computer Science Department at the University of Waikato
+This presentation was by [CRCnet|], part of the [WAND Research Group|] in the ComputerScience Department at WaikatoUniversity
-The meeting will be about wireless networking in general. This will include how to make wireless work under Linux , a quick show-and-tell of some wireless gear, and discussion of the [CRCnet] wireless network
+The meeting was well attended with around 40 people present , some coming from Auckland and Rotorua
-It will be held at the university in the room A.G.11, at 7 :30 pm on the 23rd of June 2003. ("A .G11" means A block , ground floor for those who don't know. ) A.G.11 is about half way down the main corridor on the ground floor of A block. It is opposite the Computer Science building , which is G block . You should walk in Gate 8 off Hillcrest road . Parking is available on Hillcrest road and as the meeting is after hours you can use the managment staff carpark in Gate 7 . A full map of the univeristy is available from [here|http: //timetable .waikato .ac .nz/timetable/map.pdf ]. 
+JamieCurtis and MattBrown gave an excellent presentation, which included the following main areas (sorry if I got the order wrong) :  
+# a general introduction to the protocols (802 .11 a , b, and g ) and how it was influenced by the [CSMA/CD] design of wired ethernet , and proprietary protocols/hardware . Access Points vs Ad-hoc networks, bridged networks, SSID for network name, 11 overlapping channels in the 2 .4 GHz unregulated spectrum.  
+# linux support of wireless gear, including configuration of kernel module support and use of the pcmcia-cs package, and setting up scripts to provide SSID and other network settings .  
+# security, broken-ness of [WEP], use of a firewall /demilitarised zone and pptp /tunnelling to only allow authorised wireless machines onto the network proper .  
+# CRCnet - network of wireless links connecting schools around Waikato . Live video conferencing with Murray Pearson over the network .  
+# Hardware - show and tell - almost all wireless equipment is based on [PCMCIA ] cards, many different antennae, expected range of different designs, proprietary hardware, maximum allowable gain/dB, more directional == less power needed, prices
+This was followed by a presentation from Roger De Salis about plans for a high-speed backbone between the major centres, up to 64Gbps between Auckland and Christchurch, linking most of the universities, and for [VoIP] phones.  
+After mingling, the meeting adjourned to the tea room for hot drinks and plenty of chocolate biscuits.  
 Many thanks to [CRCnet] and the [WandGroup] for sponsoring the cost of the room booking. 
-|[http ://www .nz/archive/hillcrest-map.png]  
-|[http://www .wlug .org .nz/archive/unimap .gif
+-- JohnMcPherson  
+!WLUG Executive Committee Meeting %%%  
+!26 June 2003 %%%  
+!Meeting Minutes  
+Present: Daniel, Jamie, Craig B, Craig M, Perry, Greig %%%  
+Apologies: Bruce, Phil %%%  
+Absent: Kim, Gavin %%%  
+Meeting opened at 7 :03pm .  
+!1 . Minutes from previous meeting  
+Motion: that minutes are a true and accurate record of the previous meeting  
+Moved Jamie %%%  
+Seconded Daniel  
+Motion passed  
+!2 . Reports from previous meeting  
+Daniel has written letter to S . Gupta - to be sealed and posted by Craig B .  
+Craig Mckenna has talked to ASB - we were incorrectly set up as a cheque account instead of a society account . This has been fixed and we will be credited.  
+!3. General Business  
+There is interest in Linux classes in Raglan - Greig is to bring this up at the meeting.  
+The WLUG would like to officially thank CRCnet and the WAND group for their sponsorship of this meeting.  
+Next meeting: BruceKingsbury - Windows replacement software for Linux %%%  
+MatthewLuckie has expressed interest in a [FreeBSD ] presentation for the month after.  
+Meeting closed at 7:12pm  
-See also OldMeetingTopics for previous meetings 
+See also OldMeetingTopics and CommitteeMeetingTopics for previous meetings