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 Advocacy planning for 2003. 
-The below has been pushed back till March
+Some freeform notes from the meeting:  
+Apply for a WEL Energy Trust grant - perhaps purchase data projector  
+We need topics for the year (need about 9 or 10)  
+* Desktop Linux  
+** the LUG should select a "desktop linux distro" of choice and look at having a common platform for supporting users issues  
+** a distribution for business users  
+* An introduction to Unix - what it is, why it does what it does etc, the Unix model; similar to what was covered in Uni tutorials  
+** What is a load average?  
+* Installfest? (See Distro of Choice)  
+* What can linux do now (that it couldn't do previously)  
+** Multimedia - music, video, cd copying  
+* Windows + linux compatiblity  
+* Wireless and wardriving - CRCNet presentation?  
+* Anti spam and anti virus  
+* Advanced routing, gateway, qos, source based routing,  
+Work to establish the WLUG Library .  
+* IBM  
+* O'Reilly  
+* !McGraw Hill  
+* Apple  
+* Member owned books/loans - need some system for this  
-Desktop Linux Distributions.  
+Throw a Linux lan party?  
-Computers running something new and cool are required! (Matthias, this means you.) Call for volunteers will be held nearer the time.  
+Need diversity of membership - try and up membership numbers in both Linux professionals and new users  
-Hopefully we'll have a presentation from Andreas Girardet of  
+Use Knoppix to show Linux off to new people  
-See also OldMeetingTopics 
+Part of OldMeetingTopics