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 MagicPacket is a format specified by [AMD] for waking up remote computers via WakeOnLan. 
 It simply consists of 6 repititions of 0xFF, followed by 16 repititions of the [IEEE] address of the machine you are trying to wake up. (On an [Ethernet], this refers to the [MAC] address.) This pattern be included in the payload of any type of packet as long as it will be seen by the destination machine (so a unicast packet to a third machine won't help if you are on a switched [Ethernet]). 
+A MagicPacket frame has an ethertype of 0x0842  
 See also: 
 * WakeOnLan 
 * WakeOnLanNotes 
 * [AMD's notes |,,50_2334_2481,00.html] on MagicPacket 
 * [etherwake |], a tool to send MagicPacket~s