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-[MSN] is the World's most wostest [InstantMessenger ] client . But lots of people use it so [ReneBartosh] does as well . Wow . He use's most of the major IM protocols as well . See [] . Wow
+[MSN] stands for "The [Microsoft ] Network"
-'' This isn't specifically correct , [MSN ] is actually a division of [Microsoft ] which provides internet access and web based services , one of which happens to be an [IM ] protocol and client, which last time I checked was actually called [ Windows] .NET Messenger - AlastairPorter '' 
+In the Windows 95 (pre-Internet) days , Microsoft wanted to set up something like AOL - an [OSP ] as opposed to an [ISP ] - that you could connect to the Internet through, but had enough content on it itself.  
+Needless to say they got it wrong, and MSN soon became an ISP , ditched pretences of offering dial in service outside of America, and moved to being a [Yahoo]-like online portal.  
+MSN is set to the home page for all new InternetExplorer installations, and thanks to a demonic deal New Zealand has XtraMSN. (Australia has NineMSN, and America actually has MSNBC!)  
+One of the things MSN provide is an [InstantMessenger ] protocol and client. (ReneBartosh uses it.) When Windows XP came out , it segregated into two versions; the " Windows ( .NET) Messenger" (the .NET has been dropped) and MSN Messenger, for previous versions of Windows.  
+There 's also an MSN Explorer, a Microsoft-ised version of the Microsoft-ised WebBrowser. Who 'da thunk it?