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-[Acronym] for __M__ail __D__elivery __A__gent.  
+An [Acronym] with two meanings:  
-A program such as procmail(1) which is fed ElectronicMail by the [MTA] and puts it into a MailBox.  
-Alternatively (but rarely used): __M__onochrome __D__isplay __A__dapter. 
+;; %%% __M__ail __D__elivery __A__gent : A program such as procmail(1) which is fed [Email] by the [MTA] and delivers it to a MailBox.  
+;; %%% __M__onochrome __D__isplay __A__dapter : Uncommon use: the original display adapter for [IBM] [PC]s. It had no support for graphics, only an 80x25 text mode