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-Another special environment variable that the c library uses to aid in debugging
+Another special EnvironmentVariable that the [C] [Library] uses to decide at run time which implementation of malloc(3) to use. This is an aid for DeBugging memory structure corruption
- $ export MALLOC_CHECK_=n  
- n=0 => ignore corruptions  
- n=1 => print to stderr  
- n=2 => abort immediately  
+Its value should be one of  
-Mainly useful for bugs that corrupt the memory structures.  
+* 0 to ignore corruptions  
+* 1 to print to stderr(3)  
+* 2 to abort immediately  
- See also [mtrace ], [LD_DEBUG], CommonProgrammingBugs 
+See also:  
+* [mcheck ]  
+* [LD_DEBUG]  
+* CommonProgrammingBugs