<kinko> I've just got off the phone to my sister and mother. They live in Chch.
<kinko> They are running Debian that I remotely admin, although they rarely have problems. (The biggest problem we've had so far is the disk filling up).
<kinko> Anyway, my sister couldn't print from abiword. They've recently bought a laser printer and I set it up remotely.
<kinko> she said it used to work, but now it only prints the test page.
<kinko> Took about half an hour of me going through all the syslogs and xsession logs, couldn't find much wrong. Old error messages from months ago, etc.
<kinko> I walked her through opening up a doc in abiword and printing it.
<kinko> Turns out that mum had put some used paper in the printer to print out drafts on the back. The paper comes out of the printer upside-down.
<kinko> My sister was looking at the wrong side of the paper and thinking the printer was fucking up!!!!!
<kinko> FFS !!!
<kinko> despite the fact they've had the printer for months now and have used it successfully....
<kinko> and then they thought it was funny that they'd wasted half an hour of my life trying to trouble-shoot it
<kinko> since they're on dynamic ADSL I wrote a little script that queries the ADSL modem to determine their IP address so I can log in. The icon for this button is a computer on fire....

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