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-There are many different flavours of [Linux ]... look at for a few; ones we know a lot about include:  
+Linux is a [Kernel ] originally created and released as FreeSoftware by LinusTorvalds . It is also a registered trademark of LinusTorvalds
-* RedHat  
-* DebianLinux  
-* GentooLinux  
-* LinuxMandrake  
+Many people use the term "Linux" to refer to entire [LinuxDistribution]s, which include not only the [Kernel] but also the many programs such as the [GNU] shell, [C] [Library], and toolchain that are needed to create and run other programs. There are many (literally thousands of) different flavours of [LinuxDistribution]s. See Category:Distribution for a list of [LinuxDistribution]s we care about, or visit []. The LinuxFaq might also be of help.  
-Linux is FreeSoftware originally created by LinusTorvalds . The LinuxFaq might be of help
+[RMS] insists that these be referred to as [GNU]/ Linux distributions, on grounds that the [Kernel] is exchangeable . While these [GNU] systems run on top of the LinuxKernel, you might also use the [Hurd] [Kernel], which you should then refer to as a "[GNU]/[Hurd]" system. In practice, this terminology has not caught on much.  
+Check out the WellThoughtOutReasonsToRunLinux
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