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  Aug 7 00:57:37 colo named[[827]: lame server resolving '' (in ''?): 
 in your BIND logs, then BIND has queried a lame server. In this case, is mentioned as being authoritative somewhere for the zone, but when BIND queries it, it discovers that is not authoritative, and logs that message. The [SysAdmin] at the other end needs to get a clue and fix his DNS. 
+If you are an administrator and got tired from all these messages in your logs, you can easily disable this "lame server" logging once and for all. Just add the following directive in your /etc/named.conf (or whereever your named.conf is on your machine):  
+logging {  
+category lame-servers { null; };  
+That's it.  
 See the [Weekly Lame Delegation report|]