An Acronym with many meanings.

Lines Of Code
An incredibly poor measure of the size of a project sometimes used by Management in SoftwareEngineering. The main virtue of lines of code as a measurement is that it is quick and easy to calculate and can be performed on any ProgrammingLanguage.
Library Of Congress

This is a unit of storage capacity or rate of transmission, as in "our highspeed link could transfer 3 library of congresses (sic) in 3.5 seconds". There appears to be no agreement on whether the unit represents library of congress as

  1. ASCII text files (which would be lossy, since there are many non-ASCII books and many with images)
  2. page images (at some unknown level of resolution)
  3. the metadata associated with the collections
  4. the library of congress website.

Generally 1 or 3 is used by vendors and reporters, since it results in bigger throughput.

A type of DNS ResourceRecord.