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 A [Protocol] for accessing hierarchical data. Kinda like [SQL] except it has "fixed" schemata (you can define your own, but not quite as easily as you do in [SQL]) and it's for HierarchicalDataBase~s rather than RelationalDataBase~s. It is often used for directories, so [LDAP] implementations are commonly optimised for reading much more than for modifying/inserting data. 
 Products which speak [LDAP] include the [Free] [OpenLDAP], NetWare's [NDS], and MicrosoftCorporation's ActiveDirectory. 
+Definitions of terms:  
+;BASEDN:This is the base of your ldap tree. Often it's made up from your domain name (if your domain name is then your basedn is often dc=foo,dc=example,dc=org), or from your organisation name (ou=''organisationname'',c=''ISO country code'').  
+;BINDDN:This is the "username" you bind to the ldap tree as. Often cn=''<username>'',ou=Users,''<BASEDN>''  
+When trying to use ldapsearch(1) try:  
+ ldapsearch -x -h ''ldapservername'' -B ''binddn'' -W -b ''basedn''  
+This can often be simplified and defaults provided in <tt>/etc/ldap/ldap.conf</tt> or <tt>/etc/openldap/ldap.conf</tt>  
+<?plugin OldStyleTable  
+|^__Short name__|^__Long name__|^__Use__  
+|cn|commonName|A common ("readable") name of a resource  
+|ou|organisationalUnit|Some unit (or grouping).  
+|uid|userId|A username  
 See also: 
 * [LDAPNotes]