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-1,024 [Byte]s. 
+1,000 [Byte]s, but commonly refers to 1,024 [Byte]s which is actually called a KibiByte. However, this distinction has not been adopted in practice; with very near certainty, the term KiloByte is always used to refer to 1,024 [Byte]s. 
-Other units include [MB] , [GB] and [TB]  
+In speech , it's often cut down to "K", ie pronounced "kay".  
-See also: [RAM ] [HardDisk
+This is a very common unit. Many [BinaryExecutable ]s, libraries, configuration files, images and so on range from somewhere between half a KiloByte to a few [MegaByte ]s.  
+See also KibiByte, MegaByte/MebiByte, GigaByte/GibiByte, TeraByte.