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-[Kate |] is a graphical text editor that comes with KDE.%%% The name is an acronym for KDE Advanced Text Editor.%%%Kate allows you to edit multiple files at once, and has a console attached which automagically changes to the directory the file being edited resides in  
+[Kate |] (acronym for [KDE] Advanced Text Editor) is a [GUI] multi-file TextEditor that comes with [ KDE] . It features an attached console whose working directory tracks the containing directory of the file currently being edited. Syntax highlighting for the following ProgrammingLanguage~s is included:  
-Kate is aware of several computer programming languages, and will highlight appropriately for at least the following:  
- *C  
+* [ C]  
+* [ C++]  
+* [ Java]  
+* [ Python]  
+* [ Perl]  
+* [ HTML]  
+* JavaScript  
+* [ CSS]  
+* [ Ruby]  
+* [ PHP]  
+* [XML]  
+* [VHDL]  
+* … and possibly others.  
-__ Some handy bindings__%%%  
-These keybindings may also work for other editors, such as Kates older sister, KWrite  
-;ctrl d: comment the highlighted line  
-;ctrl shift d: uncomment the highlighted line  
-;ctrl s : save  
-;ctrl v : paste  
-;ctrl c : copy  
-;ctrl x : cut the highlighted area  
-;ctrl z : undo  
-;ctrl k : delete line  
-;ctrl backspace : delete word left  
-;ctrl delete : delete word right  
-;ctrl t : transpose characters  
-;ctrl p : print  
-;ctrl q : quit  
-;ctrl w : close window  
-;ctrl n : new  
-;ctrl a : select all  
-;ctrl f : find  
-;ctrl r : replace  
-;ctrl g : go to line  
-;ctrl j : delete line ending  
-;ctrl k : delete line  
-;ctrl o : open file  
-;ctrl i : indent line(indents all selected lines)  
-;ctrl shift i: unindent selected lines  
-;ctrl -: expand/collapse code loops  
+!! Some handy bindings 
-__Movement Shortcuts__  
+(These keybindings may also work for other editors, such as Kates older sister, KWrite.)  
-;ctrl Home : Move to beginning of document  
-;Home : Move to beginning of line  
-;ctrl pagedown : Move to bottom of view  
-;ctrl end : Move to end of line  
-;ctrl 6 : Move to matching bracket  
-;ctrl pageup : Move to top of view  
-;ctrl left : Move to word left  
-;ctrl right : Move to word right 
+;Ctrl d : Comment the highlighted line  
+;Ctrl Shift d : Uncomment the highlighted line  
+;Ctrl s : Save  
+;Ctrl v : Paste  
+;Ctrl c : Copy  
+;Ctrl x : Cut the highlighted area  
+;Ctrl z : Undo  
+;Ctrl k : Delete line  
+;Ctrl Backspace : Delete word left  
+;Ctrl Del : Delete word right  
+;Ctrl t : Transpose characters  
+;Ctrl p : Print  
+;Ctrl q : Quit  
+;Ctrl w : Close window  
+;Ctrl n : New  
+;Ctrl a : Select all  
+;Ctrl f : Find  
+;Ctrl r : Replace  
+;Ctrl g : Go to line  
+;Ctrl j : Delete line ending  
+;Ctrl k : Delete line  
+;Ctrl o : Open file  
+;Ctrl i : Indent line(indents all selected lines)  
+;Ctrl Shift i: Unindent selected lines  
+;Ctrl -: Expand/collapse code loops  
-add the shift key to the move shortcuts to select (eg. ctrl shift home
+;F3: Same as Ctrl f  
+;F11: Show/Hide line numbering  
+!! Movement Shortcuts  
+;Ctrl Home: Beginning of document  
+;Home: Beginning of line  
+;Ctrl ~PgDn: Bottom of view  
+;Ctrl End: End of line  
+;Ctrl 6: Matching bracket  
+;Ctrl ~PgUp: Top of view  
+;Ctrl Left: Word left  
+;Ctrl Right: Word right  
+Adding the shift key to a move shortcut (eg. Ctrl Shift Home ) will select the text between the current position and the destination.