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 !!! Adding/Removing items to [KDE]'s <i>Open with</i> menu 
 Start the Control Center and bring up <i>KDE Components → File Accociations</i>. In here you can add/remove and edit default file associations and the open with menu. If you can't find a file association, it is probally hidden under the Applications area. 
+!!!KNetwork Manager  
+Using KNetwork Manager 0.2 (KDE 3.5.8) to configure a manual network connection will write to <tt>/etc/network/interfaces</tt>.  
+This will subsequently prevent the automatic detection of and connection to wireless networks other than the one manually configured.  
+The only way to regain this ability of detecting and connecting to wireless networks is to edit the <tt>/etc/network/interfaces</tt> file and remove all entries except the loopback entry and restart the networking daemon <tt>sudo /etc/init.d/networking restart</tt>