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This page is for flaming your current ISP, explaining how much they suck and why you should change. Alternatively, if you've found an ISP that DoesntSuck?, then be sure to let us all know. To any ISP owners around, please don't take anything on this page as offense, just venting :)

Good ISP, a bit of packet loss internationally, no helpdesk, but if your accounts going fine you should never have to talk to them. Havent had any issues. 10 gig international cap.. speed average.. 13 k /sec normally.. but at times slower. have a habit of mentioning every scheduled telecom outage on their webpage, but hard to find out till you read them all where they are. similar to orcon. but peer to peer seems to work ok i guess (as good as peer to peer works). however all adsl has dropped in performance, never get the 16k/sec constant like you used to.
Great li'l ISP, unfortunately they resisted having a cap on the amount of bandwidth you could use on JetStart each month. Of course this means that every man and his dog and probably his neighbours household too signed up for Orcon so they could Leech, thus leaving Orcon's poor international link saturated. Great if you want local traffic, not so hot for remote.
Avoided capping JetStart, but instead throttled just about every protocol other than http (and even that's not safe at their whim) and had the cheek to charge extra for this crippled service. Their PointOfDifference? is "internet filtering". BoughtOut? Web Internet (who rocked IMHO), and therefore all their hapless users without so much as a by-your-leave.
Actually, I quite like these guys. ;-)

Oh you suckup! This is a FLAME page ;P -- GreigMcGill

DNS(?) or proxy(?) stops responding sometimes.
Carrier dropped randomly (usually sooner rather than later and only on first connect attempt - weird).

Discuss your ISP here!

Actually, I have found an ISP I like: Clear's Tempest, pity that they are only interested in Business Customers, and even if you are a Business, then you need to be smack bang right in the middle of the CBD for them to even consider you :( On the other hand on their cheap deal you do get 32kBps almost constantly :)