JamesSpooner's notes on international travel.

  • Pack some melatonin pills - they reset your body clock. It's a herbal thing, grab it from a chemist. You can also get non-prescription sleeping pills - the harder ones nail you.
  • Take your shoes off after takeoff - your feet swell on the plane. Don't wear tight-fitting shoes on the plane or you might not be able to comfortably get back into them when you get close to the destination.
  • Buy a neck cushion and inflate it 1/2 way so it supports you but your head touches the headrest.
  • Take a good pair of headphones, noise cancelling if you can
  • Get as much sleep as you can on the plane - makes the flight go faster if nothing else
  • Take a bottle of water. (Good luck with that now, apparently you're a terrorist if you want to stay hydrated. Grrr!)
  • Try and get an exit row seat but make sure it's on the outside of the plane and an aisle seat. Check in early and ask. Make sure it's not by the toilet either. Whatever happens, the further up the front of the plane you are the better - behind the wings sucks.

IanMcDonald's thoughts on international travel.

  • Set your watch to the destination time zone as soon as you hop on the plane.
  • To beat jet lag, live in your destination time zone: if it is night there, rest (even if you don't sleep); if it is day, try and stay awake (even if you are tired).
  • Don't drink too much alcohol even if it's free: it dehydrates you, especially given the environment in the plane.
  • However, feel free to have a drink if it'll help you go to sleep (see above).