Hamiltonians (and keen residents of surrounding areas) wanting to give Linux a try can have it installed on their computer at a Linux User Group event on May 8. WLUG is holding an InstallFest at Crawshaw School Hall from 11am - 4pm Please register online at They'd love to see you!

The WLUG (Waikato LinuxUsersGroup) is an incorporated society that exists for the betterment of Linux and other free unicies, and their users, in the Waikato province of NewZealand. WLUG runs meetings on a monthly basis where a member or the LUG or an invited guest speaks on a topic of interest to members, support and guidance is offered to anyone using Linux through the WLUG Wiki found at and the group's mailing list.

Linux is a free Unix-type operating system originally created by Linus Torvalds with the assistance of developers around the world. Developed under the GNU GeneralPublicLicense, the source code for Linux is freely available to everyone. The fact that the source code is freely available to anyone is one of the major attractions to linux for many people. Linux is an excellent example of what is commonly referred to as OpenSource software. OpenSource software in a nutshell means that the source code which is used to build the software is available for anyone to view. As well as being OpenSource linux is also an example of FreeSoftware. Free meaning liberty rather than price (although linux can almost always be obtained for $0 as well). FreeSoftware is a matter of the users' freedom to run, copy, distribute, study, change and improve the software.

As part of the groups aim to promote the use of OpenSource Software such as linux an InstallFest is planned for Saturday 8 May. Members of the general public are welcome to bring their computer along to the InstallFest and have a version of Linux installed by an experienced volunteer from the WLUG. Visitors and browsers are welcome, however all attendees are requested to register through the webpage at to ensure that adequate resources are available.

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