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 * Back ported from [IPv6] into [IPv4]. 
 * Two types: [ESP] and [AH]. 
 * Uses [IKE] for connection and key negotiation. 
-* Secure the Internet with OpportunisticEncryption  
-* Normally provided by FreeSwan. 
+* Would help to secure the Internet with OpportunisticEncryption if anyone cared.  
+* Provided on Linux by FreeSwan, or its derivatives OpenSwan or StrongSwan
 ** [IPSecInstallation] 
 ** [IPSecConfiguration]. 
 *** [IPSecConfigurationPSK] (Pre-shared keys) 
 *** [IPSecConfigurationRSA] (RSA keys) 
 *** [IPSecConfigurationNAT] (Tunneling over NAT connection) 
+* Since kernel 2.6, the [26sec] implementation is in the mainline kernel. This is configured using either a *S/WAN or IpsecTools.  
 * [IPSecBenchmarks]. 
 * FreeSwanToCiscoPix (to create a tunnel to a [Cisco] PIX unit) 
 * Good article explaining [IPSec] 
+* [The official IPsec Howto for Linux|]  
-While not actually [IPSec], [PPTP] provides a more [Microsoft] compatible implementation for a secure tunnel to a RoadWarrior 
+Other tunnel implementations:  
+* [PPTP], a more [Microsoft] compatible implementation for a secure tunnel to a RoadWarrior  
+* [OpenVPN], cross platform userspace [SSL] VPN