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 [Acronym] for __I__nteractive __M__ail __A__ccess __P__rotocol. 
-Version 4 is in widespread use and is specified in RFC:2060 
+A modern protocol used to access MailBox~es on remote machines, designed to keep mail on the server rather than shovelling it off to the client, as [POP3] would do. This advantageous for people who move around a lot: their [Email] is all in one central location. [IMAP] version 4 is in widespread use and is specified in RFC:2060. This [RFC] was later obsoleted with version 4 revision 1, detailed in RFC:3501.  
-A protocol for letting you access a remote mailbox over the Internet
+If you want to access [IMAP] over a slow, laggy connection and your MailClient supports it (MozillaThunderbird does, f.ex), select all your folders for viewing offline, switch your [MUA] to offline mode, and just poll the MailServer for new mail as you need it. If your client does not have such support, you could try [offlineimap |].  
+Note that you can't ''send'' [Email] using [IMAP]. That requires [SMTP]
-To send email use [SMTP]