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 * Auckland.NZ.Undernet.Org was decomissioned due to repeated Denial of Service attacks in 2000/2001 
 * AsiaOnline entered liquidation in around November 2001, was sold to Michael Spencer in November 2001 (Internet Solutions Ltd) later changed name to ICONZ Ltd due to The Internet Company of New Zealand Ltd not being part of the Asia Online sale and this name still being owned by Ron Woodrow. 
 * Moved back into Airedale St (different building though!) 
 * Insecure Creditors final pay out for liquidation in 2005 
+* Acquisitions include WebFarm (2004), 2Day (2005), IntelliHost.  
 * Notable people: Jon Clarke, Chris Thorpe, Chris Woodrow, Ron Woodrow, Kim Schienberg, Rowan Smith, Terry Hardie, J Sean Connell