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-A host /A/ sent an [IP] packet to router /B /, which sent it back out the same interface to router /C/. an [ICMPRedirect] message is sent from router /B / to host /A / saying "In future , you could send this packet direct to /C/ and save us a lot of time and effort
+A type of [ICMP] packet. It is used to dynamically reconfigure routing to be more optimal.  
+If a host <tt>src< /tt> sends an [IP] packet to <tt>dst< /tt> via router <tt>rtr1< /tt> , and <tt>rtr1</tt> finds that it has to send it back out to router <tt>rtr2</tt> from the same interface, then <tt>rtr1< /tt> might send an [ICMPRedirect] to <tt>src< /tt> to notify it that it should send packets for <tt>dst< /tt> directly to <tt>rtr2< /tt> instead of sending them to <tt>rtr1< /tt>.  
+Obviously , [ICMPRedirect] messages have great potential for abuse, as they can allow an attacker to cause a machine to send its [IP] traffic to a host of the attacker's choosing