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-!!!Pages that need extra Content:  
-<?plugin BackLinks page=AddToMe ?>  
+!!Thanks for your interest in helping out with the [WLUG] WikiWikiWeb
-!!!Pages that have recently changes :  
-<?plugin RecentChanges ?>  
+Find something you know about and go check it's all correct, or add anything you know. If you're looking to learn something and share what you learnt
-!!!Wanted Wiki's  
-<?plugin IncludePage page=WantedWikis ?> 
+!!Pages that need extra content:  
+<?plugin BackLinks page=AddToMe noheader=1 ?> 
-! !!Pages That aren't linked to from anywhere  
-These pages need someone to link to them from somewhere appropriate  
+!!Pages that people have created references to, but no pages 
-<?plugin IncludePage page=OrphanedPages ?> 
+See WantedWikis.  
+!!Pages that have recently changed:  
+ <?plugin RecentChanges ?>