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-It is Real Networks ' way of open sourcing to try to beat WindowsMedia
+''AddToMe: incorporate info from [Players for Unix | https://player] and [Helix Player vs RealPlayer |]''  
-; : HelixCommunity is a collaborative effort between Real Networks, independent developers, and leading companies to create and extend the Helix DNA platform, the first open and comprehensive platform for digital media delivery. %%% --[ |http :// /] 
+[Helix Community | http ://] is a forum for collaboration between Real Networks, independent developers, and companies to create and extend a comprehensive and (ostensibly?) open [ media delivery platform | https :// /2002/intro/platform ], called Helix DNA. This means that the RealPlayer client and encoder are becoming OpenSource, so they will probably support OggVorbis/OggTheora and other formats in the future.  
-This means:  
-* OggVorbis support in RealPlayer  
-* open sourcing the client and encoder for RealPlayer so that everyone can have a hack at it  
-* WindowsMedia should be scared :)  
-BrucePerens seems to like this idea.  
-''Helix is good , but they are not going to OpenSource the thing everybody really wants: the [CoDec]s.'' --SimonCrosby  
-!!! The Helix Platorm  
-The introduction of the Helix platform empowers you to develop solutions to fit your unique digital media needs. Through the Helix community, you can access the most mature and expansive set of digital media [API]s available . Using the industry's most extensive object model, with more than 1,000 interfaces and methods across the digital media delivery chain, you can write plug-ins and custom applications in the programming languages and environments of your choice . %%% %%% The Helix platform will consist of three components:  
-; __Helix DNA client__ : the universal playback engine supporting the decode and playback of any data type on any device  
-; __Helix DNA server__ : the core engine for digital media delivery that will enable you to build a server for any media format you wish  
-; __Helix DNA encoder__ : the encoding engine and APIs that allow you to convert video and audio into digital media in a streamlined fashion  
-The Helix community will be able to license extensive core server, client and encoder source code as well as APIs. The Helix DNA will contain numerous interfaces for such industry-recognized functionality as Web-based administration , bandwidth control, access control lists, a high-performance bit pump, RTP and RTSP, cache configuration, live broadcasting and network optimized file system. Based on the Helix DNA, developers will be able to create new applications ranging from line of business applications that establish new business models to back-end applications that make your digital media management and encoding more powerful and efficient. With Helix DNA, developers also will be able to create applications to support and enhance digital media playback on any IP-enabled mobile or consumer device .  
+However , the Real [CoDec]s remain closed . [It has been argued | http://thomas .apestaart .org/log/index.php?p=191] that Real Networks are simply trying to beat WindowsMedia by getting their player onto as many desktops as possible , so that content providers will buy the Real server suite