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+!! Grub 2, what's the deal?  
+Grub got a rewrite recently and inherently became a lot more powerful. However you may be wondering where the old menu.lst file has run off to. menu.lst (on debian at least) has been replaced by a series of scripts which build a grub.cfg (grub 2 config file) for you. Things you probably care about:  
+! How do I change kernel options?  
+Simply edit /etc/default/grub then run update-grub  
+! How do I add other OSs  
+Generally installing os-prober will solve this problem.  
+aptitude install os-prober  
+you should see it spit out some info about adding your other OSs  
+! I want to add a new boot section to grub manually  
+Simply edit /etc/grub.d/40_custom and add the new section. This will be copied to /boot/grub/grub.cfg when you run update-grub next.  
 !! I need to reinstall grub in my master boot record 
 Boot off a liveCD, and [chroot(8)] into your main root partition.