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 __Google News__: 
  Uses the [Google] web index to compose information from 4,500 news sources and lets you search the results. 
  '' can be a good alternative to SlashDot for those not into flamefests. --StuartYeates'' 
+ A very [AJAX]-enabled free online e-mail service.  
+__Google Maps__:  
+ [AJAX] map service, with street maps and satellite imagery for the US and UK.  
+ An instant messaging network that ties in with [GMail].  
 There also oodles of lesser known services -- see [Google Services & Tools |]. [Orkut] is a foray of one their employees into the hotbed of online social networks. In anecdotal trivia, [Google] stated recently that they tested removing their ''I'm feeling Lucky'' feature as virtually nobody uses it, but there were howls of protest as it is seen to be part of [Google] and they recanted. 
 There are many region specific [Google] domains like [the NewZealand version |], which appear to be mainly about selling regoin-specific adds and ''Sponsored Links''. If you're outside NewZealand, it's very likely you found the WlugWiki through [Google]!